Oracle XE Windows – Oracle Database 21c Express Edition

Download Oracle XE from Oracle website and extract the zip file.

Open or double click “setup.exe”

Accept the License Agreement and click Next

Choose the PATH where XE binaries needs to be installed

Enter Database and Confirmation Password

Click on install to start installation and click Finish after completion

Workspace Creation

Oracle 21c XE is of multitenant architecture. By default with installation XE database, XEPDB1 pdb database are created.

  1. Login to Oracle XE database with SYS user (/ as sysdba or SYS/Passwd as sysdba).
  2. Alter session set container=XEPDB1;
  3. Create user in XEPDB1 with below command –
    cretae user SCOTT identified by Tiger;
    grant DBA to SCOTT;
  4. Login into SCOTT as –

Import dump file into 21c XE

Create a folder and copy the dump file into folder.

  1. Create a directory in XEPDB1 and grant read, write privs to SCOTT.
  2. Exit from sqlplus prompt and run impdp to import the data file.
SQL*Plus: Release - Production on Sun Jul 16 15:01:50 2023
Copyright (c) 1982, 2021, Oracle.  All rights reserved.
Enter user-name: / as sysdba
Connected to:
Oracle Database 21c Express Edition Release - Production

SQL> alter session set container=XEPDB1;
Session altered.
SQL> create user scott identified by tiger;
User created.
SQL> grant dba to scott;
Grant succeeded.
SQL> create or replace directory test_dir as 'C:\Dump';
Directory created.
SQL> grant read, write on directory test_dir to SCOTT;
Grant succeeded.

SQL> exit
Disconnected from Oracle Database 21c Express Edition Release - Production

C:\> impdp SCOTT/Tiger@localhost:1521/XEPDB1 

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